The Contemporary Collecting Project Wales


The Contemporary Collecting Project Wales was the result and enthusiasm of a small number of curators who were concerned that museums in Wales were not addressing issues around the collection of modern material. The first stage of the project was funded by the Museums Association's Effective Collections Special Project fund and consisted of a survey of contemporary sports material held within public collections in Wales and a subsequent touring exhibition.

2011/2012 report

The project continued in 2012/13 with funding from CyMAL Museums Archives Libraries Wales. The project was divided into three main areas:

  • a survey of Welsh museums about objects of post 2000 date in their collections and how they reflect contemporary collecting activity in other ways.
  • a public survey conducted by a market research company
  • a series of workshops for museum staff to discuss issues around contemporary collecting to gather evidence of attitudes and activity within the sector.


2012/2013 report