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Accreditation is a voluntary, U.K. wide scheme for museums that was launched by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) in 2004. The scheme encourages museums to play an active role in their communities by encouraging learning, understanding and participation.

The Museums Strategy for Wales Action Plan 2010 - 2015 states that, in partnership with all accreditated museums and services supporting museums and all Welsh Assembly Government departments: "CyMAL will continue to work with MLA to develop the Accreditation Standard and to use it as the basis for policy", and that: "The sector will work to the Accreditation Standard".

The scheme is now managed by Arts Council England (ACE). However in Wales CyMAL administer the scheme and application and guidance forms can be found on their website.

Accreditation is a fantastic way to implement and maintain the standards in your organisation and to improve the moral of any museum team. Becoming an Accredited museum also improves your chances of generating external funding.

Feeling overwhelmed at the mere thought of Accreditation? The Federation is here to help and can quickly signpost the different organisations to help you through the process.

Collections Trust offers resources to support Accreditation through Collections Link

Talking to museum colleagues who have already gone through the process of applying for Accreditation can be really useful.