Statement on Historic Wales recommendations and Amgueddfa Cymru Review

Feb 3, 2017

You may have seen that Welsh Government issued a statement last night about Historic Wales and have also announced a review of Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum Wales.

Last October, the Federation sent a response to the Cabinet Secretary to register our concern at the Historic Wales proposals.  We are pleased to see that the Steering Group report has addressed those concerns in its recommendations: that the independence and core purposes of Amgueddfa Cymru are protected; collaboration rather than merger of institutions;  that there is a better definition of the functions that could be delivered collaboratively and how they could be delivered.  The recommendations of joint marketing of Wales’ cultural tourism and a cultural sector skills strategy have direct potential benefits for the whole museums sector and we would welcome being involved in further work to frame and progress them.

The Cabinet Secretary has also announced a review of Amgueddfa Cymru.  The Federation obviously wants a strong, resilient, supported museums sector for Wales and we hope that the crucial work Amgueddfa Cymru does in partnership with local museums across the country will be reflected in this review.  Any review of Amgueddfa Cymru must take account of the recommendations from the Expert Review into Local Museum Provision and the new Welsh Museums Strategy currently being developed.  I will be meeting with Amgueddfa Cymru next week to discuss how we can ensure that the potential for impact on the sector as a whole is incorporated in the review. 


Victoria Rogers

President, Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales